THE design FIRM specializes in architectural planning

Tara utilizes Chief Architect to create your full color, fully customizable 3D vision on paper and screen. It's a great tool for clients to be able to visualize their space before and during their project. Homeowners, designers, contractors, realtors and architects can all benefit by fully experiencing the design project before it even starts; through realistic visual renderings.

Tara loves architectural drafting and interior design. Many people look at a 2D drawing and most of it looks like a foreign language. They can see the label "LIVING ROOM", but really need to focus to even see the walls and doors. They may not have that spatial concept. However; when I show them 3D camera views, it's like reality hitting them and their eyes light up. I can offer clients a view into what their new home, business or renovation will look like before it is constructed.

The real-time capability of making design changes in front of clients in a consultative meeting allows the process to be quick and streamlined. It can enable changes and more accurate decisions made early in the process, to save time and money. When the client, the designer, the plumber, the electrician, the carpenter and the builder are all on the same 3D page; success happens!


Demonstrative Video by Tara